U.S. Study Group 7 (Science Services)


The International Telecommunication Advisory Committee - Radiocommunication sector (ITAC-R) US ​​​preparatory group for science service issues in the International Telecommunication Union - Radiocommunication sector (ITU-R) Study Group 7. "Science services" refer to the standard frequency and time signal, space research, space operation, Earth exploration-satellite, meteorological satellite ​​(MetSat), meteorological aids (MetAids) and radio astronomy services.

Systems for space operation, space research, Earth exploration and meteorology, including the related use of links in the inter-satellite service; radio astronomy and radar astronomy; dissemination, reception and coordination of standard-frequency and time-signal (SFTS) services, including the application of satellite techniques, on a worldwide basis are all under the purview of ITU-R Study Group 7.

US Study Group 7 is organized along parallel lines to ITU-R Study Group 7 having four working parties:

WP 7A covers standard frequency and time signal services, both terrestrial and satellite. Its scope includes the dissemination, reception and exchange of standard frequency and time signals and coordination of these services, including the application of satellite techniques on a worldwide basis. WP 7A maintains TF Series ITU-R Recommendations.

WP 7B is responsible for space operation, space research, Earth exploration-satellite telemetry, and MetSat telemetry. It studies communication systems for use with manned and unmanned spacecraft; communication links between planetary bodies; the use of data relay satellites; and the transmission and reception of telecommand, tracking and telemetry data. WP 7B maintains SA Series ITU-R Recommendations.

WP 7C covers applications in the Earth exploration-satellite service (EESS), both active and passive, systems of the MetSat and MetAids services, as well as space research sensors, including planetary sensors. WP 7C maintains RS Series ITU-R Recommendations.

WP 7D covers the radio astronomy service. Its scope includes radio astronomy and radar astronomy sensors, both Earth-based and spacebased, including space-VLBI. WP 7D maintains RA Series ITU-R  Recommendations.


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