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Working PartiesDocument NumberDocument TitlePublish DateDocument Type
WP 7BUS7B050_NCProposed revisions of Handbook on space research communication8/25/2023
WP 7BUS7B051_NCDraft New Report ITU-R SA.[15 GHZ SRS SHARING] - Sharing and Compatibility Studies for the SRS in the band 14.8-15.35 GHz8/25/2023
WP 7C7C/23-130NCDraft Revision of Recommendation ITU-R RS.1263 - Interference criteria for meteorological aids operated in the 400.15-406 MHz and 1 668.4-1 700 MHz bands8/17/2023
WP 7C7C/23-135NCProposed elevation of “Preliminary draft revision of Recommendation ITU-R RS.1813-1 - Reference antenna pattern for passive sensors operating in the Earth exploration-satellite service (passive) to be used in compatibility analyses in the frequency range 8/17/2023
WP 7C7C/23-122NCElevation of preliminary draft revised Recommendation ITU-R RS.2042-1 to draft status8/28/2023
WP 7C7C/23-123NCRecommendation ITU-R RS.2066: Protection of the radio astronomy service in the frequency band 10.6-10.7 GHz from unwanted emissions of synthetic aperture radars operating in the Earth exploration-satellite service (active) around 9 600 MHz8/28/2023
WP 7C7C/23-124NCElevation to SG 7 of Draft New Recommendation ITU-R RS.[EESS_SAR-RNSS], Evaluation of the potential for pulsed interference from planned and future spaceborne synthetic aperture radar sensors in the earth exploration-satellite (active) service to radionav8/28/2023
WP 7C7C/23-125NCElevation to SG 7 of Draft New Report ITU-R RS.[EESS_SAR-RNSS], Representative system characteristics and examples of evaluating interference into receiving earth stations in the radionavigation-satellite service (space-to-Earth) from spaceborne synthetic8/28/2023
WP 7C7C/23-126NCRevision to working document toward a preliminary draft new Report ITU-R RS.[AGG_EESS_SAR-RNSS], Examples of evaluating and resolving interference into receiving earth stations in the radionavigation-satellite service (space-to-Earth) from multiple spaceb8/28/2023
WP 7C7C/23-127NCDraft Reply Liaison Statement to WP 4C on Updates regarding WP 7C Consideration of Draft new Recommendation ITU-R RS.[EESS_SAR-RNSS] and Draft new Report ITU-R RS.[EESS_SAR-RNSS] and WD toward a PDN Report ITU-R RS.[AGG-EESS_SAR-RNSS]8/28/2023
WP 7C7C/23-128NCProposed Draft Revision to Recommendation ITU-R RS.2105, “Typical technical and operational characteristics of Earth exploration-satellite service (active) systems using allocations between 432 MHz and 238 GHz”8/28/2023
WP 7C7C/23-129NCPreliminary Draft Revision of Report ITU-R RS.2310-1 “Worst-case interference levels from mainlobe-to-mainlobe antenna coupling of systems operating in the radiolocation service into active sensor receivers operating in the Earth exploration-satellite ser8/28/2023
WP 7C7C/23-132NCNON-CONSENSUS- Draft New Report on studies related to agenda item 9.1, topic d) – Agenda item 9.1, topic d) – Protection of EESS (passive) in the frequency band 36-37 GHz from non-GSO FSS space stations8/28/2023
WP 7C7C/23-134NCProposed updates to “Preliminary Draft Revision of Recommendation ITU-R RS.1166-4 - Performance and interference criteria for active spaceborne sensors”8/28/2023
WP 7C7C/23-136NCEditorial Revision of Recommendation ITU-R RS.18618/28/2023
WP 7C7C/23-133NCDraft Revision of Report ITU-R RS.2456-08/28/2023
WP 7C7C/23-121NCNON-CONSENSUS - Elevation of Preliminary Draft New Report ITU-R RS.[SPACEBORNE VHF RADAR SOUNDER] to Draft status and suppression of Report ITU-R RS.2455-08/28/2023
WP 7DUSWP7D_23_23-02_NC_RA.[SZM]Working Document towards a Preliminary Draft New Report: Radio Astronomy Facilities on the Moon8/28/2023
WP 7DUSWP7D_23_23-01_NCWorking Document towards a Preliminary Draft New Report: Considerations of Sharing and Feasibility in the 3 - 4 mm band (67 - 116 GHz)8/28/2023
WP 7DUSWP7D_23_23-03_NC_RA.314Updates to Preliminary Draft Revision of Recommendation ITU-R RA.314: Preferred frequency bands for radio astronomical measurements8/28/2023
WP 7DUSWP7D_23_23-05_NC_HarmonicsUpdates to Working Document toward a Preliminary Draft New Report - Unwanted emissions created by harmonics in radio astronomy bands: harmonic emissions at radio facilities.8/28/2023
WP 7DUSWP7D_23_23-04_NC_43_5Updates to Working Document Towards a PDNR ITU-R RA.[RAS-IMT-COMPAT-43-GHZ] - Possible coordination and protection measures for stations of the radio astronomy service operating in the 42.5-43.5 GHz allocation and IMT systems operating in the 37-43.5 GHz 8/28/2023